Northern pike, grayling and brown trout fishing

200 kilometers above the arctic circle

Welcome to spend your vacation at a fishing camp with a great location, 30 kilometers north of Kiruna, Sweden, where the Rautasriver meet the Torneriver. In this area above the arctic circle there are no car roads and the only way to get here is by boat, which present extraordinary fishing. The exclusivity about this place, except being nearly the only ones fishing in the area, is also the wide range of different fishing waters.

The fishing

Right outside the door you have two rivers, one shallow and warm with a thriving delta and massive northern pikes cruising around, and another bigger river, which is a bit colder and with rapids. Both of them has crystal clear water. Just 50 meter next to the camp is a 3 kilometer long rapid in the Torneriver, called Vakkakoski. Here are great chances to catch beautiful, big graylings and brown trouts. Especially during July and August, either through casting or fly fishing. You can easily follow a little trail and walk along the river. The rapid is a mix between streams and pools and you can use your waders to get the best reach out there. It is both relaxing and exciting to try some trolling from boat at the end of the stream, which is often very successful as well.

The Rautasriver offer great areas and hotspots for river pikes. Every year there are incredible 10 kilos northern pikes on the hook. The best time for river pike fishing is in the beginning of June or in September. They are possible to catch just by fishing from land, or you can rent a boat to get around.

If you like to start your first day with a guide to show your around the rivers, and to help you find the best spots we are happy to arrange that for you, or any day during your stay. For your best possible fishing experience. Cruise through calm inlets or past the stunning delta before battling a feisty river pike, trout or grayling. We will provide you with a map over the area so you can easily get an overlook of which places you find interesting.

To fish in the area you need a fishing license which we are happy to provide for you.


It is very easy to get to Kiruna, either by train or flight from Stockholm, Arlanda. The flight is only a one and a half hour trip with SAS or Norwegian. We pick you up by car when you arrive in Kiruna at the train station, airport or from your hotel. The car drive takes about 20 minutes and then we travel 10 kilometer on the river with a jet boat to the camp.

You can decide how many days you would like to book and we drive you back to Kiruna C on the departure day.

Flight: (youth tickets below 26 years old)



Before starting your fishing adventure we arrange steady breakfasts at the camp and then you can get a lunch package to bring along if you like. For dinner it is possible to choose either a package to eat in the open nature next to the campfire, or to have it served on a certain time in the kitchen cabin by our staff. We cook both traditional local food from the north, as well as international meals. If you prefer to bring your own food that is perfectly fine and you have a full equipped kitchen cabin with gas stoves, a gas oven and a food cellar.


At the camp you have warm, fire heated cabins with beds, an oven for hot smoking fish, possibility to charge phones and cameras, two saunas (one on top of a raft in the river and one next to your cabin), an outdoor fireplace and an aluminum rowing boat and boat engines. The camp doesn't have hotel standard but a genuine and cosy wilderness style and with all that is necessary. There are no running water in the cabins and only limited 12V electricity.


All of us arranging these experiences speak English and Swedish. Both at email, phone, during guiding and at the camp.

Midnight sun and northern lights

From June to August we have 24 hours sunlight which makes this experience highly memorable just by the breathtaking mother nature. There is no rush to hurry anywhere before a certain time because night and day are the same. From middle of August it starts getting dark at night again and we get mind blown by the northern lights dancing in the sky.


Cabins with beds and sleeping bags

Full equipped kitchen

Owen for hot smoking fish


For rent:


Aluminium rowing boat

Pontoon boat with engine

Sea kayaks

Rubber canoes

To bring:

Your own fishing equipment


Prices: 800 SEK per day/ person

Transport, there and back Kiruna - Vakkakoski (car 15km, boat 10km) : 2000 SEK maximum 5 people.

For more people it adds 400 SEK/person

Guide, 8 hours for maximum 5 people: 5000 SEK

Add food package: 250 SEK per day/ person

Email us at [email protected] so we can help you arrange the details for the best possible fishing adventure.

We take bookings any day between 10th June and 10th September.

BOOK NOW: 10th June - 10th September

Click on the button to see a map over the fishing waters around the camp

PDF Fishing map


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Do you have a weekend without any plans and want to get out in nature? Maybe try something new?

Bring a couple of friends and rent some kayaks.

Travel along the rivers, either downstream the Rautasriver or upstream the Torneriver for ten kilometers.

End a beautiful, active day in the best possible way

- barbecuing and swimming from a floating sauna.

We rent cabins for the night.

If you are a fishing enthusiast we recommend you to bring your fishing rod along.

The two rivers surrounding the cabins present opportunities for great fishing waters. 

Borrow an easy aluminium rowing boat during the evening hours under the midnight sun. Time doesn't matter this far north above the arctic circle when the sun is just circling on the sky.

Or try your luck walking along the 3 kilometer long rapid next to the cabins.

We offer boat transfers as well, either one- or two ways to the camp.

You can add extra nights if you like to stay for longer time.  



  • Kayak, paddle, life west
  • Cabin with beds and sleeping bags
  • Full equipped kitchen
  • Owen for hot smoking fish
  • Floating river sauna 

Prices: 800 SEK per day/ person

Transport, there and back Kiruna C - Vakkakoski (car 15km, boat 10km) : 2000 SEK maximum 5 people.

For more people it adds 400 SEK/person