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Kiruna is Sweden's northernmost city and is full of interesting culture, projects and nature for you to discover. Here, 200 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle, the northern lights dance in the winter night sky. While in the summer, the sun never sets. The native Sami culture is a big part of society. Kiruna is also famous for being home to the world's largest underground iron mine, which is currently forcing the city and its inhabitants to move because the mine will need to be expanded toward the city. In addition to stretching 1,500 meters below ground, Kiruna is also home to the highest mountain in Sweden, which makes for amazing climbing during the summer months. Even rockets are known to be launched from the tiny city’s Esrange Space Center. Another popular, beautiful destination to visit here is the Ice Hotel, filled with artwork carved from snow and ice. If you would like to give it a go, we will be happy to drop you off there after the tour. It is about 20 kilometers outside the city center. You can then take one of the buses going back.  


Flights Stockholm- Kiruna - Look for youth prices, you need to log in but it is big discount (26 years and below) - Look for low budget prices

Train Gothenburg/Stockholm - Kiruna

Alternative: Flight Stockholm - Luleå, then with train from Luleå - Kiruna. In case there are no available seats on the flights to Kiruna.

Trains that fit with the winter tours schedule:

Arrival time in Kiruna:   09:15

Departure from Kiruna: 14:44 and 18:32